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The RVC Funding Mastermind is a group mentoring session where entrepreneurs can source candid advice on dilemmas they face with fundraising.

Attendees help one another with strategy, actions for getting funded, leads and contacts, support and holding each other accountable for achieving goals.

In addition, participants receive professional coaching from Rockies Venture Club, authors, professors, and investors.

For early-stage companies, this is the most cost-effective (free for RVC members; $25 for non-members) fundraising consulting you can get!

Who Should Attend?: Entrepreneurs looking for group feedback their startup company; Investors looking to help provide insight from their experience and get to know companies who will be looking for funding. What is the Format?: 2-hour session, with the first 15 minutes reserved for intros and posing dilemmas to the group. From there, facilitators drive the discussion by diving deep into 5-10 of the most pressing dilemmas.

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