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You’ve got a great business idea, or maybe several ideas…but can one of them become a great business? Come to this fun, engaging workshop and learn how to test your business ideas using a simple, ten-step evaluation process. By the end of the class, you’ll be better able to predict whether your business will succeed, how long it will take to reach breakeven, how much you’ll be able to pay yourself, and how you can improve your overall chances for success!

Self-employed since the age of twenty, Jennifer Croft, owner of 5 Minute Classes, (, has successfully started and run seven small businesses. Through her teaching and one-on-one consulting, she has helped more than 3,000 people start and run their own businesses.

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  1. Target Market (what are you selling, who are you selling it to, what’s the size of your target market, what’s going on in the industry)
  2. Marketing Plan (how will you reach your target market, what types of marketing will you use, ROI/effectiveness)
  3. Competition (how do you stack up against 3 of your competitors in 5 primary categories)
  4. Startup Costs (how much money will it take to start the business, where will the funds come from, how will your cash flow, when will you reach breakeven)
  5. Earning Potential (how much will you have to produce and sell to make the salary you’d like)
  6. Income Stream (referrals, reorders, residuals, passive income, contracts, scalability)
  7. Good Fit (do you have the passion, experience, expertise and management skills to run this type of business)
  8. Timing (market timing and personal timing)
  9. Risk Level (how much legal risk, financial risk, competitive risk, and personal risk are involved)
  10. Exit Strategy (will you be able to sell the business when you’re ready to quit or retire) 

Cost: $10

Open to the community!

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