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The Commons community welcomes you to come here to explore your personal goals and whether your business idea could help you achieve them.

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Suggested Programs

CO.Starters at The Commons

A 9-week community-driven program focused on business models and capacity for growth.

Champions Mentorship Program

Group mentorship for founders at similar stages to access feedback and insights from experienced mentors.

Women on the Rise

Connecting entrepreneurial women to powerful networks and resources for building sustainable businesses.

Suggested Events & Workshops

Mon Dec 9 • 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Learn about Colorado Sales Tax

Join us as McLernon & Co. hosts an informative discussion with government employee and small business owner, Michael Bevis on sales tax in Colorado.

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Recommended for:

I'm Discovering
I Own a Startup
I'm Expanding
Tue Dec 10 • 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Power Hours with Stephanie Cenedella, Brand Strategy Expert

SUPERPOWER: With 20+ years of experience as a brand expert, Stephanie helps to boost startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals in transition

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Recommended for:

I'm Discovering
I Have an Idea
I Own a Startup
I'm Expanding
Wed Dec 11 • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Power Hours with Luke Tierney, E-commerce expert

SUPERPOWER: Luke is an expert in direct to consumer marketing. He helps cpg brand scale sales on Amazon, social media, adwords and related channels

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Recommended for:

I Own a Startup
I'm Expanding
Wed Dec 11 • 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

CO.Starters Community Night at The Commons

Join us to hear the business pitches, meet and mingle with the entrepreneurs and learn more about CO.STARTERS at The Commons.

Co.Starters is a 9-week resource-rich training and mentorship program to accelerate businesses. Participants can expect to receive insights, connections, resources, and tools to help build a thriving sustainable business.
Pitching Companies Include:
Annie Contractor – Workplace Equity Partners: We assess equity in the workplace and provide customized recommendations through data analytics so owners, HR, and operations leaders can confidently reduce turnover, increase engagement, and unlock business potential.
Erik Amundson – Mile High Vegan Network: The Mile High Vegan Network is the world’s first virtual network of local vegan business owners and entrepreneurs featuring shared resources, curated expertise, and storytelling.
Greg Edwards – The Experiment Life: A social connection platform, making you and your company look good, connecting you to the people you need and the people who need you. A better way to connect people, focusing on the intersection of recruiting, interviewing, and lead generation.
Jesse Bruce – Actually Learning: 1 on 1 coaching for accelerated learning
Katherine (Kat) Partch – Wisdom Within, LLC: Wisdom Within offers Yoga Therapy, which is the merging of 4 specialties: psychotherapy, neuroscience, ancient yoga philosophy/movement, and mindfulness. This therapeutic modality is all about deepening your connection with yourself, your body, and your innate ability to heal-grow-transform.
Nefretarie lockley – Pep talk now!: A non clinical solution for situations stemming from anxiety, depression and stress.
More companies announced soon!
Interested in applying for CO.Starters? Click here to learn more.

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Recommended for:

I'm Discovering
I Have an Idea
I Own a Startup
I'm Expanding

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DEDO Advisory Hours

One-on-one advice and governments insights for new and growing businesses.

Startup Space Hub

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Denver Resource Navigator

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Sarah Tuneberg | Startup CEO & Founder

Sarah Tuneberg graduated from CO.Starters at The Commons where she refined the model for Geospiza, the business she founded to revolutionize emergency management systems. “Now we’re converting potential customers to paying customers,” she says.

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