InCommons Mentorship

Building the Next Generation of Entrepreneurial Leaders in Colorado

The InCommons mentorship program gives up-and-coming and established entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect both one-on-one and in a community setting with some of the Colorado’s most successful business leaders, innovators, and investors. Whether it’s growth, capital raising, or business planning you’ll find a resource or a mentor who can help. How does it work?  Great question! Once you get signed up for the mentor program, you will be invited to join our digital platform and create a profile. There are some great ways to get involved:

  1. Request to be mentored by the community’s most successful business leaders, innovators, and investors. 
  2. Attend Mentor Hours monthly at The Commons. Registration is required. 
  3. Join industry specific and subject matter forums, share online resources, and use collaborative goal setting tools.

How to Sign Up:

Join the Community & Find a Mentor

Our digital platform will help walk you through all of the functionality and capabilities and takes less than 10 minutes to complete a profile! 

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